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Two Pigs and a Chicken
"And there shall be a great light in the heavens,
A portent of doom that will lay waste the world.
Cities will fall, and mountains will crumble,
And the worlds shall be ripped asunder.

And that which was lost shall be found,
And that which has risen before will rise again,
And that which has fallen before will fall again;
And there shall be an End of Days."
A poetic fragment written as the epigraph for
The Doorway, the first BridgeWorlds Book
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The Maiden All Forlorn

How Things Came To Be As They Are
     For several years I have been working on a series of fantasy adventures, the Kingdom of the Sun Stories and BridgeWorlds Books, about two worlds bound by an ancient struggle between good and evil. As currently envisioned the series will encompass a dozen or so volumes and may take fifteen or twenty years to write, which has at times tempered my enthusiasm for the project. So when, in March of 2003 I had an idea for a short story — something I could hope to finish in a few weeks — I poured myself into the project. The 'short story' kept growing until it became a novel, Two Pigs and a Chicken, which was published in April of 2004.

The Shape of Things To Come
     Response to Two Pigs and a Chicken was so enthusiastic that I've spent most of the succeeding years working on plot development for a series of sequels, the Erindale Tales. The first of these, The Maiden All Forlorn, was published in July of 2010. The next volume in the series, An Unsuitable Suit, will be published in late 2016 or early 2017, and its sequel, Too Many Beaux, should be in print in mid to late 2017.
     Despite the interest in my romantic fiction I have not abandoned the fantasy adventure series, and expect to finish Ialia and the Flyer, the first Kingdom of the Sun story, very soon. However, following a discussion of priorities with my publisher, it has been decided not to publish the novel until at least the next two Erindale Tales are in print; so depending on when they are published, it will probably be late 2017 or even 2018 before Ialia and the Flyer is in print.

Published Works
     Two Pigs and a Chicken (Erindale Tale #1) (novel: historical romance, 2004)
     The Maiden All Forlorn (Erindale Tale #2) (novel: sequel to Two Pigs and a Chicken, 2010)
     Short Shorts (short story collection, 2012-16)

To Be Published At A Later Date
     An Unsuitable Suit (Erindale Tale #3) (novel: historical romance)
     Too Many Beaux (Erindale Tale #4) (novel: historical romance)
     Just Jamie (Erindale Tale #5) (novel: historical romance)
     Poor Emily (Erindale Tale #6) (novel: historical romance)
     Blind Man's Bluff (Erindale Tale #7) (novel: historical mystery)
     Ialia and the Flyer (A Kingdom of the Sun Story) (novel: romantic adventure fantasy)
     various Kingdom of the Sun Stories (novels: fantasy adventure)
     various BridgeWorlds Books (novels: fantasy adventure)
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