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Although the material below is about my fiction, this is an ASTRONOMY site containing more than 1000 pages and 15000 images about the Universe and its contents, and serving about a million visitors a year.
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KatsBane, the Erindale Liger  Read or read about "Two Pigs and a Chicken"  KatsBane, the Erindale Liger
“Two Pigs and a Chicken”
Read about or purchase the paperback or Kindle copy of Two Pigs and a Chicken
historical romance

Erindale Tale 1
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“The Maiden All Forlorn”
Read about or purchase the paperback or Kindle version of The Maiden All Forlorn
sequel to "Two Pigs and a Chicken"

Erindale Tale 2
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"Short Shorts"
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fantasy / science fiction

5 short stories
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Currently in progress:
in print in 2016: Erindale Tale 3 ("An Unsuitable Suit")
probably in print in 2016: Erindale Tale 4 ("Too Many Beaus")
in print in 2016 or 2017: Kingdom of the Sun Companion "Ialia and the Flyer"
probably in print as Kindle book in 2017: "More Short Shorts" (4 or 5 short stories)