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The Discoverers of the NGC / IC Objects: Auguste Voigt Link for sharing this page on Facebook
 I can find no official biography of Auguste Voigt, hence this summary of what little I have been able to find in one place or another. Part of it comes from one of Voigt's great-great-nephews, Augustin Laforêt, who provided the images shown below (and the permission to show them).

Photograph of Auguste Voigt apparently taken in early to middle age
Auguste Voigt as a relatively young man
Photograph of Auguste Voigt taken in 1895 (age about 76)
Auguste Voigt in 1895 (about age 76)

VOIGT, Auguste, astronomer and professor, born in Gevrey-Chamberin, France, on January 18, 1828; died in Géanges, France, on March 12, 1909 (age 81). After graduating from the Ecole Normale Supérieur he worked as a teacher. While teaching physics at La Taupe Laplace (from 1862 to 1863), his interest in astronomy brought him to the attention of Urbain Le Leverrier, director of the Paris Observatory, who hired him as an assistant in October 1863, and almost immediately made him director of the old Marseille Observatory, overseeing its move to a new site at Longchamps. By November 1864 the 80-cm Foucault reflector which had been transferred from Paris was ready for use. As appears to have been true for almost everyone who worked for Leverrier, Voigt experienced insufferable difficulties with his superior, and resigned the following year; but between March and August of 1865 he observed a number of objects, eight of which were previously undiscovered nebulae and later became NGC or IC objects.
 Not much is known of Voigt's life after 1865, but he apparently spent much (if not most) of it as a professor at the Lycée de Lyon, living in the nearby village of Géanges throughout that time, and until the end of his life.

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