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PGC 114500
A magnitude 17(?) peculiar galaxy (type pec) in
Leo (RA 11 11 02.6, Dec -06 09 29)
Physical Information: Based on a recessional velocity of 63220 km/sec, a straightforward calculation indicates that PGC 114500 is about 2945 million light years away. However, for objects at such distances we should take into account the expansion of the Universe during the time it took their light to reach us. Doing that shows that the galaxy was about 2325 million light years away at the time the light by which we see it was emitted, about 2555 to 2560 million years ago (the difference between the two numbers being due to the expansion of the intervening space during the light-travel time). Given that and its apparent size of about 0.2 by 0.1 arcmin, the galaxy is about 135 thousand light years across. Although of relatively poor quality, the images below suggest that the object may be binuclear, and if so may represent a late stage in the merger of two galaxies.
DSS image of region near peculiar galaxy PGC 114500
Above, a 12 arcmin wide DSS image centered on PGC 114500
The relatively "bright" star near the galaxy is 9th magnitude HD 97156
Below, a 0.6 arcmin wide DSS image of the object
DSS image of peculiar galaxy PGC 114500

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