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Page last updated Mar 10, 2015

PGC 45372 (also known as UGC 8201)
A magnitude 12.6 irregular galaxy (type Im?) in
Draco (RA 13 06 26.2, Dec +67 42 21)
Physical Information: PGC 45372's recessional velocity of 30 km/sec is too small to be of any use in determining its distance. Redshift-independent distance estimates range from 9 to 16 million light years, with most values clustering between 13 and 16 million light years (the HST press release accompanying the HST image below quoted a distance of "just under 15 million light years"). Given that and its apparent size of 3.5 by 1.7 arcmin, it is about 15 thousand light years across, whence its classification as a dwarf galaxy. It has a large number of bright young stars which indicate that it has recently undergone a period of rapid star formation lasting several hundred million years, an unusual incident in the life of dwarf galaxies, and being one of the closest such galaxies, it has attracted great interest.
SDSS image of region near irregular galaxy PGC 45372
Above, a 12 arcmin wide SDSS image centered on PGC 45372
Below, a 4 arcmin wide SDSS image of the galaxy
SDSS image of irregular galaxy PGC 45372
Below, a 3.6 arcmin wide HST image of the galaxy (Image credit ESA/Hubble, NASA)
HST image of irregular galaxy PGC 45372
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