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(possessive form Tauri, abbreviation Tau)
Taurus is one of the 48 ancient constellations recorded by Ptolemy.

Historical Map of Taurus
From Bayer's 1603 Uranometria (Image Credit and © Tartu Observatory Virtual Museum; used by permission)
The horizontal bands across the middle represent the Ecliptic (marked in degrees) and the Zodiac

Portion of Bayer's Uranometria showing the region near Taurus

Map of Taurus
Modified version of Wikimedia Commons map by Torsten Bronger
Wikimedia Commons map of Taurus

Constellations Bordering Taurus
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Stars in Taurus
 Stars that have common names often have multiple names, so the common names shown (if any) cannot be considered authoritative. Right ascension and declination are given in 2000.0 coordinates.

α Tau (Aldebaran)

β Tau (El Nath = Alnath)

γ Tau

δ Tau

ε Tau

Objects of Interest
M1 (= NGC 1952 = The Crab Nebula) -- An 8th-magnitude supernova remnant (RA 05 34 32, Dec +22 00 52)
Celestial Atlas: Constellations
Sextans ←Taurus: The Bull→ Telescopium