The cseligman Toolbar

Click on the toolbar image to install the cseligman toolbar for Internet Explorer
Click here to install the toolbar for Firefox, or Click here to install the toolbar for Safari
Added Dec 12, 2013: Many of the visitors to my site use mobile devices that do not support any of the operating systems that the provider of my toolbar supports. As a result, although the toolbar will be supported for the stated browsers and platforms more or less indefinitely, I plan to eventually supplement or replace it with an extensive set of site map and external link pages.

     The cseligman toolbar is meant to enable easy navigation and access to my site by providing links to every page on the site. It also includes hundreds of external links, organized as described below. Most individuals who install the toolbar find it very helpful, but if you do not, it is easy to uninstall. The image above is of my personal version of the toolbar on June 24, 2013. (Due to the eventual switch to site map and external link pages, the order of the buttons and menus listed below is slightly different from the image above, but hovering the cursor over any item will bring up a note that explains its function.)

Downloading and Installing the Toolbar on Various Platforms
    To download and install the Toolbar for Internet Explorer, click on the image above to download an installation file, then click Run when prompted by the File Download Security Warning. After installation, the Toolbar will appear in your browser, more or less as shown. The Internet Explorer version of the Toolbar only runs on Windows platforms, but the Firefox version runs on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, and the Safari version runs on Macs. Chrome and Opera are not currently supported. Note: To help pay for the cost of maintaining the toolbar, the publisher (Conduit) offers various promotional "extras" during the installation process. You are not required to install any of the extras, and I would recommend not installing any of them unless you are sure you want to.

Fixed Toolbar Items Shown In the Image Above
     Running from left to right, a newly installed Toolbar has the following items/buttons:
     An image of the Erindale Liger, Kat's Bane, the Erindale Publishing "mascot". Holding the cursor over the image shows that the toolbar is sponsored by my publisher, Erindale Publishing. Clicking on the image takes you to their site.
     A drop-down Toolbar menu can be used to customize the Toolbar. Most of the items on the drop-down menu are self-explanatory, and can be learned by playing with it. For instance, Shrink Toolbar removes the text labels on Toolbar items, and if that has been done, Unshrink Toolbar restores the labels. Toolbar Options lets you delete or add items to the Toolbar, and in some cases, modify the behavior or display of the items. (With some operating system / browser combinations, these options can also be accessed by right-clicking on the toolbar.)
     The Search Box is similar to any other online search box -- but check out the drop-down menu next to the box for nearly a dozen different ways to search, including Search This Site, and an Apps Search that allows you to choose from thousands of toolbar add-ons.

Not Shown In the Image Above, But Still Fixed In Place
     At far right, a link to the Conduit Marketplace (an Apps "store") (indicated by a plus sign).
     Near far right, a toolbar settings menu (indicated by a wrench).

'Customizable' Toolbar Items (shown above, but turned on/off with Toolbar Options):
     A button links to the Site Map for my website.
     An Erindale Publishing button links to the Site Map for my publisher's website.
     An Amazon Menu provides links to paperback versions of my fiction on
     A Kindle Menu provides links to Kindle versions of my fiction on
     A Links Menu (indicated by a heart) includes hundreds of hand-selected external links.
     An RSS Reader provides RSS feeds for various science-related news feeds.
     A Radio Player is a fully customizable streaming radio player, preloaded with dozens of stations.
     Social Media Links for my Facebook Author and Twitter pages.
     An "eBay" Example: Toolbars can be customized by adding any of thousands of apps from the Conduit Marketplace. The eBay button merely shows what such an app might look like.
     A Customized Link Menu that I use for reference while working on my website. Whether others would find it useful is another matter, but as noted above it can be turned off with Toolbar Options.

Other Customizable Items (not shown above, also turned on/off with Toolbar Options):
     An E-Mail Notifier alerts you to any new email (once properly set up for your accounts).
     A Pop-Up Blocker and Privacy Button, which includes history, cookie and cache cleaners.
     A Weather Button shows the current weather in some random city when first installed. If you click the button, it shows the weather for the next three days, and allows you to customize the button (for instance, by choosing a different city).
     A Facebook button, which allows toolbar access to your Facebook account while browsing elsewhere (like many useful Apps, this button should not be activated on a shared computer unless you remember to log-off when you leave the computer).
     Apps in testing: I occasionally like to try out an App myself, and at any given time there may be one or two of them to the right of the Customized Link Menu I use for working on my website. You can hide these if you do not find them interesting, but if you find that you like one and it disappears from the "official" toolbar because I have finished trying it out, you can add it to your own version of the toolbar with the Marketplace tool.