Warning About Load Time For Some Sky Atlas Pages Link for sharing this page on Facebook
     The purpose of this note is to inform users with relatively slow Internet connections that some Sky Atlas pages may appear to be "frozen" while they are loading. This is not a problem with my site server, your browser, or your computer. It is caused by the large amount of image data that has to be downloaded to display some pages.
     Most of the Sky Atlas NGC/IC pages have (or will eventually have) a hundred or more fairly large images, and can take a few seconds to load; and three pages in particular (the Hickson Compact Galaxy page, the Arp Atlas page, and the de Vaucouleurs Galaxy Types page) have several hundred images and can take considerably longer, especially if you have a slow Internet connection. The text of each page should load almost immediately, but until all the images have loaded your browser may be too busy to respond to any input. Hopefully, provider and government promises to upgrade everyone's Internet access will eventually be fulfilled and this problem will go away; but if not, I may have to break some of the pages with several megabytes worth of images into smaller pieces. But doing that would take considerable time away from my main goal, which is to considerably add to the information posted on the pages; so for now, please accept this warning and apology about the long load times for the pages in question.