Fiction by Courtney Seligman: BridgeWorlds Books
 The BridgeWorlds Books are a series of fantasy adventures set on two worlds, Gra'aven and Alula, linked by an ancient struggle between good and evil. The series is complemented by the Kingdom of the Sun Stories, set a few thousand years in the past. Most of the novels in both series have been fully plotted, some are partially completed, and I expect to finish most of them within the next decade. Since the timeline for publication of these works has not been determined, the main purpose of this note is to forestall anyone from trying to claim credit for the work I have done on them.

The epigraph from The Doorway, the first volume in the series
"And there shall be a great light in the heavens,
A portent of doom that will lay waste the world.
Cities will fall, and mountains will crumble,
And the worlds shall be ripped asunder.

And that which was lost shall be found,
And that which has risen before will rise again,
And that which has fallen before will fall again;
And there shall be an End of Days."