Art by Libby Seligman, Master of Fine Arts Link for sharing this page on Facebook
Birch Trees
Birch Trees
Birch trees (painted in 1977, and advertised for sale on 1stDibs in 2023). About two feet on a side.

Portrait of Samantha
Portrait of Samantha Seligman, by Libby Seligman
 One of a pair of portraits of my nieces Samantha and Rhea. This work was featured in a gallery exhibit showcasing the work of teachers and students in the San Juan Capistrano School District.

The Gardens of the Pitti Palace
The Gardens of the Pitti Palace, as painted by Libby Seligman
 A painting on cavas, approximately six feet square. One of a number of murals on canvas, plaster and stucco, mostly between six and ten feet square, decorating various Orange County homes. This image and the one below were featured in a newspaper article about decorating trends.

The Triumph of David (after Matteo Rosselli)
A mural of the Triumph of David (after an original by Matteo Rosselli), painted by Libby Seligman
Acrylic painting on shadecloth, marouflage-mounted on plaster