Astronomy 1L (Lab Class) Information
 I have retired, and have no need for class pages. However, I see that students are still being referred to them, presumably as an aid in studying for their own classes; so most of them remain in place.
General Astronomy Class Information

Laboratory Class General Information
Syllabus (revised January 2012) / Lab Projects Summary (revised Jan 24, 2010)
Sample Lab Final
Moon Project
Moon Project (revised 8/19/2008) / Finding the Moon (revised 02/20/05)
Daily Rise & Set Times for the Sun & Moon (External Link)
Star Projects
Summary of Altitude-Azimuth Project (revised 10/23/2010) / Alt-Azimuth Graph Paper
Alt-Azimuth Stars/Planets: Spring 2012 (revised 2/25/2012) / Fall 2011 (revised 09/02/11)
Celestial Navigation Project (posted 12/08/07)
Celestial Navigation Project Calculations (revised 3/23/08) / Practice Calculations (posted 11/29/03)
Mercury Orbit Project
Summary and Due Dates (revised September 22, 2010) / Polar Coordinate Graph Paper
Data Pages/ PDF Page 1 / PDF Page 2 / PDF Page 3
Part 1 / Part 1dec / Part 2a / Parts 2b and 2c / Part 3a / Part 3b / Part 3c / Part 3x
Miscellaneous Notes
The Motion of Venus and Jupiter (2012)
The Motion of the Moon (2012)
Galilean Satellite Positions
The Orbital Period of HD15144
The Motion of Saturn (in 2005)
February 20, 2008 Lunar Eclipse Assignment
Mars Observation Assignment (March, 2008)

Calvin and Hobbes cartoon about making a proper effort
What you get out of something depends upon what you put into it...

Better Half cartoon about the need to ask questions
but if things aren't clear to you, then perhaps you should ask a question...