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Long Beach City College Astronomy Open Houses
Formerly presented by Courtney Seligman, Professor of Astronomy, Long Beach City College
 During most of the 42 years I taught at LBCC I gave fairly regular telescope open houses and once the planetarium projector was installed, combined planetarium and telescope open houses. However, I retired in May 2012, so the April 27, 2012 astronomy open house was my last presentation. During the 2012-13 school year astronomy professors Mike MacCallum and Dave Sholle supervised occasional open houses, but they retired in 2013, and it appears that there are no current plans to give further presentations, as the last update to the LBCC Planetarium website was made in 2014, and all lbcc.edu links to LBCC astronomers are now dead links.

Hope For The Future: In May 2016 I was informed that the current planetarium projection system will be replaced by a new one with greater brightness and four times the resolution, which should provide far superior images on the planetarium dome, and perhaps once that is installed, some effort will be made to make at least occasional use of the system, as it would be a terrible waste if it is allowed to sit completely unused.

A Blast From The Past
A Flyer For The Last Regularly Scheduled Astronomy Open House
 Please note that this really was the last such presentation, and to the best of my knowledge there are no plans for similar planetarium / telescope open houses in the future. Presumably there will be at least occasional planetarium presentations once the new projetion system is installed, but none are currently scheduled, and when (and if) they will be has nothing to do with me; so contacting me about future open houses is a waste of time.
Flyer for the last regularly scheduled open houses at LBCC, from Spring 2012