Online Astronomy eText: Asteroids and Comets
Asteroids and Comets Visited So Far (as of July 2010)
 A composite of images taken by various spacecraft of all asteroids and comets visited or landed on as of July 2010. Some are so small that they can hardly be seen even in this oversize image; and all are dwarfed by the largest visited so far, Lutetia. Not shown in this image is Comet P/103Hartley 2, which was photographed by the EPOXI spacecraft in early November 2010 (see Pictures of Comets. Two kilometer (1.2 miles) long Hartley 2 is about the same size as 9969 Braille, shown near upper left in the image below. (Credit ESA, NASA, JAXA; Montage: Emily Lakdawalla (Planetary Society), apod100726)