Celestial Atlas: Obsolete Constellations
Apis: The Bee
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 Apis is an obsolete constellation designation near the South Celestial Pole. It was created by Petrus Plancius in the late 1500's to provide nourishment for the nearby Chamaeleon. It still remains in the southern sky, but under a different name. Nicolas-Louis de Lacaille renamed it Musca Australis (the Southern Fly) in 1752, and after the northern fly fell into disuse, the constellation became simply Musca.

Historical Maps of Apis
From Bayer's 1603 Uranometria
(Image from the USNO copy of the 1661 edition of Bayer's Uranometria)
Portion of Bayer's Uranometria showing the region near Apis
Above, the region near Apis and Chamaeleon from Bayer's Uranometria
Below, a larger region as shown in Bode's 1801 Uranographia
(Image Credit and © Tartu Observatory Virtual Museum; used by permission)
Portion of Bode's Uranographia showing region near Apis
Celestial Atlas: Obsolete Constellations
Apis: The Bee