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PGC 41005
An 18th-(B)magnitude elliptical galaxy (type dE3) in
Virgo (RA 12 28 24, Dec +11 34 46)

Wikisky and HyperLeda give a position to the southeast of the galaxy shown in the image below, which is listed in NED as VCC 1100 (entry 1100 in the Virgo Cluster Catalogue), and is presumed to be a member of the Virgo Cluster of galaxies. No measurement of distance is available, but presuming a distance of 50 to 60 million light years (as for the cluster), its apparent size of 0.5 by 0.35 arcmin suggests that it is about 8 thousand light years across. Its classification as a dwarf elliptical is based on that and its very low surface brightness.

Wikisky SDSS image of PGC 41005
Above, a contrast-enhanced 2.4 arcmin wide closeup of PGC 41005, using the NED identification
Below, a 12 arcmin wide region centered on the galaxy
Also shown are PGC 40953 and ?? (incomplete listing)
Wikisky SDSS image of region near PGC 41005

PGC 41035
An 18th-(B)magnitude elliptical galaxy (type dE2 N) in
Virgo (RA 12 28 33, Dec +11 44 37)

Listed in NED as VCC1115 (= Virgo Cluster Catalogue entry 1115). A very low surface brightness dwarf elliptical galaxy with a very slightly brighter nucleus. Apparent size 0.7 by 0.55 arcmin; apparently nothing else available. However, if really a member of the Virgo cluster, about 50 to 65 million light years away, and about 10 thousand light years across.

Wikisky image of PGC 41035
Above, a 2.4 arcmin wide closeup of PGC 41035; see NGC 4452 for a wide-field view
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