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PGC 47334 (with PGC 3096774 =
IC 4271 = Arp 40)

PGC 47430
A 14th-magnitude pair of galaxies in
Virgo (RA 13 30 05.22, Dec -20 55 57)

Based on a recessional velocity of 5340 km/sec, PGC 47430 is about 250 million light years away, in reasonable agreement with redshift-independent distance estimates of 270 to 345 million light years, particularly taking into account our motion towards Virgo, which can reduce Hubble expansion distance estimates by about 30 million light years. Assuming a distance of about 280 million light years, the 0.75 by 0.45 arcmin apparent size of the main structure corresponds to about 60 thousand light years, while its scattered extensions cover perhaps another 30 to 40 thousand light years. The object consists of a pair of galaxies, a spiral galaxy (type Sa? pec) and a lenticular galaxy (type SB0? pec) that are in the process of colliding and merging. The bright knot at the top of the image below is believed to be the nucleus of the spiral galaxy, thrown towards intergalactic space by the gravitational interaction of the two galaxies.

HST image of the pair of interacting galaxies that comprise PGC 47430
Above, a closeup of PGC 47430 (Image Credits: ESA/Hubble/NASA, Acknowledgement: Luca Limatola)
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