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Page last updated Nov 16, 2020

PGC 71368 (= UGC 12588)
A magnitude 13(?) spiral galaxy (type S(s)dm) in
Andromeda (RA 23 24 42.6, Dec +41 20 52)
Physical Properties: Based on a recessional velocity relative to the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation of 110 km/sec (and H0 = 70 km/sec/Mpc), PGC 71368 is about 5 million light years away, in poor agreement with a single redshift-independent distance estimate of about 30 million light years (the HST press release uses an impossibly precise distance of 31 million light years). Given that and its apparent size of about 1.7 by 1.3 arcmin (from the images below), the galaxy is about 15 thousand light years across if about 30 million light years away, which would make it a dwarf spiral galaxy (and also make it unlikely that it is at the Hubble Flow distance, as that would make it only 2500 light years across, because such an extremely small galaxy would probably appear to be merely an amorphous scattering of stars, and not display the rough but still obvious spiral structure displayed by the HST image).
DSS image of region near spiral galaxy PGC 71368
Above, a 12 arcmin wide DSS image centered on PGC 71368
Below, a 2.4 arcmin wide DSS image of the galaxy
DSS image of spiral galaxy PGC 71368
Below, a 2 arcmin wide image of the galaxy
(Image Credit ESA/Hubble & NASA, R. Tully; Acknowledgement Gagandeep Anand)
HST image of spiral galaxy PGC 71368
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