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Voyager 2 image of Galatea, badly smeared by motion of the spacecraft relative to the moon during the exposure
Galatea (Voyager 2, 1989; smeared by motion of spacecraft during the exposure)

Data for Galatea

Discovered July 1989 (Stephen P. Synnott & Voyager Imaging Team)
Named after one of the Nereids
Orbital size 61955 km (about 38495 miles), about 37330 km (23195 miles) from Neptune's surface
Orbital eccentricity 0%
Orbital inclination 0.05 degrees
Orbital period 10h 17m 24s = 0.42875 days
Rotational period synchronous (0.42875 days)
Size about 204 x 184 x 144 km (average radius about 90 km)
Mass 2.1 x 1018 kg
Density about 0.75 g/cc
Albedo (reflectivity) 8%