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The Satellites (Moons) of Uranus: Miranda Link for sharing this page on Facebook
Composite image of the southern hemisphere of Miranda. Portions of the surface exhibit presumably older cratered terrain of relatively uniform albedo (reflectivity), but other presumably younger egg-shaped and chevron-shaped areas exhibit bright and dark bands of unknown origin, complex ridges and scarps (cliffs presumably caused by faulting). (NASA, JPL, Voyager 2, A. Tayfun Oner)

A closer view of part of the previous image

Composite of PIA00038 (bottom) and PIA01354 (top), showing the chevron and faulted areas at the top of the previous images in even more detail. (NASA, JPL, Voyager 2)

Named after the daughter of Prospero, the magician in Shakespeare's "The Tempest".