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An image of Naiad (elongated due to motion of the spacecraft and moon during the exposure)
(Voyager 2, September 1989)

Data for Naiad

Discovered by Voyager 2 in September, 1989
Named after one of the Nereids, or attendants of Neptune
Orbital size 48225 km (about 29965 miles), about 23500 km (14600 miles) from Neptune's surface
Orbital eccentricity 0%
Orbital inclination 4.7 degrees
Orbital period 7h 6m = 0.294 days
Rotational period 7h 6m (synchronous)
Diameter about 50 x 60 x 95 km (mean diameter 65 km)
Density 1.3 g/cc? (merely an estimate)
Mass 1.9 x 1017 kg? (based on estimated density)
Albedo (reflectivity) 7%