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On the Surface of Mars: The Pathfinder Landing Site Link for sharing this page on Facebook
     Panoramic view of the Pathfinder landing site. Rocky debris from (most likely) ancient flash flooding is overlain by thick layers of wind-blown dust and sand, while the sky above is colored a dusky orange by suspended dust. Near image center the Sojourner rover is examining the rock nicknamed "Yogi" (see image further below). (IMP Team, JPL, NASA, apod000514)
     Close-up view of the Sojourner rover next to "Yogi", a two-toned rock. The rock's coloration is probably due to wind-blown dust coating the left side. This image uses enhanced brightness and contrast to emphasize the difference in coloration, and shows a view more like that which would be seen in the bluer skies of Earth. (IMP Team, JPL, NASA, apod991030)