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(at the moment, primarily images)
The eventual purpose of this page will be to discuss the gradually developing field of exoplanets (planets and planetary systems near other stars). For now, however, it serves only as a convenient placeholder for images which can be used to illustrate the page when it is completed.

An exoplanet in Scorpius as shown on APoD on July 4, 2010. For now refer to apod100704 for more information. (Credit Gemini Observatory, D. Lafreniere, R. Jayawardhana, M. van Kerkwijk (Univ. Toronto)

Evidence for a stellar disk and exoplanet near Beta Pictoris as shown on APoD on July 3, 2010. For now refer to apod100703 for more information. (Credit A.-M. Lagrange, D. Ehrenreich (LAOG), et al., ESO

The first supposed extrasolar planet directly observed (April 2005). The bright white object is a brown dwarf; the faint red object may be a 5-Jupiter-mass planet. (Credit NaCo, VLT, ESO, apod050510)